About Mikurashima Island

About Mikurashima island

Mikurashima Island lies 200 kms south of Tokyo. The island is 20.6 square-kms in area and is 16.4 kms in circumference.

The entire island is designated as a national park so swimming with the dolphins and hiking is only permitted under the supervision of a Tokyo Nature Guide. Biking and camping are also prohibited on the island.

There is one small village on the island where only 300 people reside with just a few shops, guest houses, and restaurants.

Most of the tourists who visit the island come for the “Swim-With-Dolphins” program. About 120 wild Indo Pacific Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) inhabit the sea around the island.

Mikurashima island’s tourism started just 20 years ago so there is very little infrastructure in place to accommodate guests who speak only English. Most of the personnel working at the bed and breakfasts, local shops, and with the dolphin watching boats, speak only Japanese or perhaps just a few words of English. We strongly advise that you learn a few vital phrases of Japanese that will make it possible for you to communicate with people on Mikurashima prior to your visit. This will make your stay much more enjoyable and will certainly impress the locals.

List of accommodations (Minshuku: Japanese traditional guest house)



  • URL:  https://westbrooks-mikura.com/
  • Tel. :  +81-4994-8-2106 Email: info@westbrooks-mikura.com
  • Capacity: 3 rooms, 6 beds.
  • Booking: May be made no earlier than 3 months in advance of your stay. (e.g. If you want to stay either July 1st or 21st, call them May 1st for both cases.)
  • Charges: from 8,800 yen (includes 2 meals)
  • Dolphin watching: Sirius Nature Tours



  • Tel. : +81-4994-8-2555 / FAX: +81-4994-8-2556
  • Capacity: 8 rooms (1 suite available), 30 beds.
  • Booking: Interested guests must send a booking form by fax between the 20th to 25th of the month within 3 months in advance of your stay (e.g. If you want to stay on July 21, send a booking form between the 20th to 25th of April.)
  • Charges: from 9,700 – 15,000 yen (includes 2 meals)
  • Dolphin watching: Negotiable


  • Tel. : +81-4994-8-2022
  • Capacity: 5 rooms, 20 persons (capacity of each house: 4)
  • Booking: May be made no earlier than 3 months in advance of your stay. (e.g. If you want to stay either July 1st or 21st, call them May 1st for both cases.)
  • Charges: from 2,000 yen (charges will differ depending on the number of guests and whether or not the house has a balcony) (does not include meals)

Accommodation and Dolphin Swim Tours

Tamami HASHIMOTO (Marugoto Mikurajima Tour)

Boat captains who can speak English

※They CAN NOT arrange accommodations.
Keiji KATO (Umitonchu-maru)

Ko-hey OMORI (Sirius Nature Tours)

Swim-with-dolphins and Hiking guide who can speak English.

Mio Yanagase





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